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sbspas_safetyHere are some quick, yet important swimming pool safety tips to ensure your children’s safety in and around your swimming pool.

  • Teach your children pool safety basics like treading water and floating.
  • Be in the water at all times if your child cannot swim by his/her self. Never rely on floaties or inflated arm bands to provide safety.
  • Pay complete attention to your child and take away all distractions.Swimming Pool Safety Tips.
  • Designate an adult supervisor for the kids in the pool. Never assume your spouse or friend is watching the children more closely than you are.
  • Keep the pool clear of all toys when they aren’t in use. This can prevent a child from possibly falling in the pool while trying to retrieve a toy.
  • Enforce safety rules when at a public pool and teach the kids to obey all rules and regulations before going in the pool.
  • Never leave a child in the pool unattended. If you need to leave the swimming area, your child comes out of the pool.
  • Make sure you have all the proper safety devices for your home pool, including life preservers and a pool safety fences. Make sure they are in good working condition and are up to safety standards.

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